3 Things You’ll Learn at Happy Hungry Journey

Every day we enjoy sparkling fruit waters and smoothies! Photo by Montera Espinosa photography

If you’ve been following our Insta posts and stories, you’ve enjoyed daily images of girls your age having a great time doing partner yoga and working together to produce healthy and beautiful dishes in the kitchen. Fun and smiles are definitely our goal here at HHJ—keep reading to learn about the top three messages we hope you learn when booking your event with us.

1. Listen to your Body

Virabhadrasana (Warrior) 2. Photo by Emilie Bers photography

As yoga becomes more and more popular with young women, are you interested in learning more, but maybe you’re not sure what it’s all about? HHJ is the best place for you to start your yoga journey in a safe and inclusive environment. At Happy Hungry Journey retreats, camps, and events, we practice alignment-based vinyasa flow with certified yoga instructors. This means that the poses are crafted in a creative sequence for you, and we flow with our bodies in and out of each posture. Along the way you’ll learn physically safe entries and exits into and out of the poses, and while experiencing the poses, you’ll learn which muscle groups to activate and how to align your body.

Way to go, Giuliette! Photo by Emilie Bers photography

In HHJ yoga sessions, we build strength and flexibility, but most importantly, you learn how to listen to your body. By paying attention to our breath, we know when to step it up, and when to take breaks. You own your own yoga practice, so you do you!

Soaking up the present moment. Photo by Emilie Bers photography


2. Empowerment and Joy in the Kitchen

Sylvie loves her greens! Photo by Montera Espinosa photography

At HHJ, when we were in our early teen years, we didn’t know how to cook. We were lucky to have moms who were talented, healthy cooks, but we ourselves didn’t possess any ownership of what was going on in the grocery shopping or in the kitchen. Do you want to learn more about cooking and making healthy food choices, but you’re not sure where to start? In your HHJ cooking lesson, we learn a balanced approach to healthy eating. We start by teaching you an introduction to kitchen safety skills, and by the end you’ll be able to use knives, blenders, and even a mandoline slicer (always use the finger guard!).

Reena keeps her fingertips safe! Photo by Montera Espinosa photography

Next we teach you healthy, plant-based alternatives to classic teens’ dishes like ice cream, nachos, and pasta, so that you can continue to enjoy your fave dishes while feeling confident about the healthy ingredients.

Reena passes a colorful plate to Giovanna. Photo by Emilie Bers photography.

Then, you learn about food styling—first we eat with our eyes, after all! You learn how easy and fun it can be to make your meals look both healthy and enticing in just a few simple steps!

Food styling by HHJ girls just like you. Photo by Emilie Bers photography

3. Friendship and Community

Your HHJ girls are your network for life! Photo by Emilie Bers photography

When you work with HHJ, the major outcome is the strengthening of your friendships and the forging of new ones. After your time working with us, you’ll have a community of like-minded girls your age who share the value of a balanced lifestyle full of mindful physical movement and healthy eating. Through your friendships, you’ll encourage each other to make healthy choices, a practice that will support you for the rest of your life!

Squad hug. Photo by Emilie Bers photography

Are you a preteen or teen girl considering booking an event with Happy Hungry Journey? What would you like to create with us? In addition to yoga and cooking, we offer birthday parties, meal planning, health coaching, team building for your class or sports team, and journaling and vision boards. What do you hope to learn on your personal health Journey? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you!

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    Wow! Shout out to the photographers!! Great pics and what a terrific program. Highly impressive!!!

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