Bullet Journaling 101: A Valentine to Yourself

Dear Happy Hungry Journey Girls!

How is it going with your healthy habits in 2019? We hope you are enjoying a happy year full of success, joy, and time for rest and relaxation.

What are you doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Chances are you’ve already written some cards or done something special to show your loved ones (people and pets!) just how much they mean to you!

What about a Valentine to yourself? Have you taken any time recently to close your eyes and sit quietly with a hand over your heart and thank yourself?—not for anything you did specifically, but just for being you.

When we don’t have an established regular mediation practice, it can sometimes be challenging to simply sit in silence and turn the focus inwards. The mind is busy. It is always planning and needs something to do! Keep reading if you have ever wanted to turn the focus inwards but don’t quite know how.

Journaling is a great way to segue into a meditation practice over time. Mindfulness is one of the first steps toward meditation; that is, becoming aware of the things we do and the things we think. Have you heard anything about the newest trend in journaling? Bullet journals! These are those journals you might have seen full of dots instead of the traditional lines. Not only are they a fun and creative alternative to more traditional journaling, bullet journaling offers a way to actually visualize your habits. After you stick with it regularly for a couple weeks, you’ll have an actual visual depiction of the things you do every day.

You can use a bullet journal to organize various areas of your life like school, extracurriculars, friendship, travel, or anything else! In the photo above we show you an easy way to track your healthy habits. There are many different approaches, and this one is very simple.

At the top of a blank page, write: Things I Do Because I Love Myself (or a title of your choosing)

Starting at the bottom of the page, number the days of the month from the end of the month, working your way up the page to the beginning of the month. Since it’s February, we put 28 (it’s not a Leap Year!) in the last line and worked our way up the page—this strategy ensures you don’t run out of rows.

Across the top we turned the journal sideways and wrote the healthy habits we wanted to track. Every day look across the row and fill in boxes for the healthy habits you remember doing that day. It’s easy and only takes a couple minutes to set up.

What other categories would you add? We’re looking for you to suggest one more column for us to track for the second half of the month—comment here or over on our Instagram @happyhungryjourney.

Does this seem easy enough to set up? Do you have a friend who would love to start bullet journaling with you? Bullet journal parties are a fun reason to get your friends together. They make for a thoughtful and meaningful gift idea, too.

Let us know your questions in the comments below. If you get started with bullet journaling, please take a pic and tag it #happyhungryjourney so we can see your creations over on Instagram! Happy bullet journaling! 



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