4 Steps for Choosing Your Happy Hungry Journey Menu

It’s the final countdown!

You’ve got your squad together, you’ve got your location, and you’ve snagged the dates for your Happy Hungry Journey wellness retreat! Whether it’s one day of yoga and cooking, or you have multiple days lined up, here are the steps to help you hone in on the colorful menu of your dreams!

1. Alert us of Allergies / Intolerances / Preferences

Many of our smoothies use almond butter as a thickener, but alert us ahead of time re: any nut allergies so that we can prepare you a different recipe.

Allergic to nuts? Gluten-intolerant? (we are!) Are you avoiding dairy? Rest assured that we accommodate for a wide range of food requirements. All Happy Hungry Journey recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. A heads up— given that our food is vegan, we often turn to nuts and nut butters to round out our smoothies and sauces with protein or crunch. If you are allergic to nuts, please give us a heads up when you book so that we know exactly which nuts are the culprits, and we will make a shopping trip and tweak some new recipes for you!


Would you believe us if we told you that the chocolate sauce on these ganache bars is actually GOOD for you??

Check in with your squad to find out the overarching goals for the cooking portion of your Happy Hungry Journey retreat. Most of our groups have tended to be looking for healthy alternatives to well-known dishes that aren’t always super healthy, such as cheese pizza, nachos, chocolate sauce, and even ice cream?! Yes, ice cream, too. We’ll show you how to make healthy versions of all these faves yourself.

Overnight oats are a go-to for busy moms preparing breakfast on-the-go!

Another goal that comes up is how to plan healthy eating in advance when life gets busy. Whether you’re a busy mom trying to whip up healthy smoothies in the morning while trying to pack healthy snacks, or you’re an overscheduled middle school girl making decisions between carrot sticks or donuts, we’re here for you! We can teach you meal prep tips AND we could even teach you a carrot donut… yes, we can. Life is too short, so we’ve created ways for you to have both.

3. You have a little bit of HW… but it’s FUN!… and BEAUTIFUL!

Spend some time clicking through our recipes here on the site, and shoot us a quick email or comment on the post to let us know what strikes your fancy. Once you’ve booked your dates with us, we’ll also send you our recipe eBook.

Comb through there and let us know which recipes stand out the most. You do not have to choose the exact recipes that are in the book. If there is a theme or a few key ingredients you want to weave in, we’re up for the challenge. Pitch us some ideas, and we’ll combine your requests with any recipes of ours that you like!


Most importantly, planning for your Happy Hungry Journey yoga and cooking retreat is all about ample communication in advance. We have our classic recipes in our recipe eBook that have proven to be real crowd pleasers, but thanks to the boutique size of our operation, our dream is to customize for YOU in order to bring everything you want to life. As much as we do a good job of honing in on #HHJ group energy, we can’t guess your preferences, so email us, comment on our blog posts, or DM us over on the Insta! Just don’t text us an hour before your event (LOL, as you can imagine, this has actually happened- insert laughing crying emoji). As a Bay Area company, we are all about being proactive and planning ahead in order to deliver our signature attention to detail to give you the healthy experience of your dreams!

Leave your Qs for us in the comments below! We are so excited that #summeriscoming.


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