Happy Hungry Journey Recipe eBook

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For the parent who can’t stomach another snarky comment when placing leafy greens on the table…

For the sophisticated teen who loves her body and hates the processed food shoved in her face…

For anyone yearning to become a member of the #healthyliving lifestyle movement…

For anyone who missed Happy Hungry Summer hands-on cooking and yoga retreat— we’re now offering Happy Hungry Summer: Kids Ebook for everyone!

Happy Hungry Summer: Kids eBook is the collection of bold, beautiful recipes explored during Happy Hungry Summer cooking and yoga retreats. With more than 35 recipes for lip-smacking smoothies, free-radical fighting “hot wings,” rainbow veggie wraps, icy raspberry sorbet sandwiches, and even luscious homestyle caramel sauce, you and the loved ones in your life will embrace a creative approach to plant-based eating— lickety-split!

Start here for a gorgeous, vibrant primer for vegetarian and vegan eating. Implicit in the Happy Hungry Journey brand name is the promise that all recipes in this eBook are gluten-free and dairy-free. Cheers to your healthy, happy, and hungry life!

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