Top 3 Strategies When Things Get Busy

The end of September is an amazing time of the school year! You’ve settled into a routine, made new friends, and you’ve gotten to know your new teachers. Things that once felt so new are starting to feel normal, and your schedule is much more predictable. That being said, it’s the time of year when you might notice yourself feeling really busy. All the new clubs and activities you signed up for at the beginning of the school year are beginning, and you might be dealing with having less free time. Here are our top three HHJ strategies for keeping you feeling centered, happy, and balanced as you partake in all of your exciting activities.


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Remember that when it comes to closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, you can do this anywhere! You don’t always need a yoga mat. You can close your eyes for a few moments on your bus ride, and even at recess. Don’t worry about taking a moment for yourself! As more and more schools begin to teach mindfulness and meditation practices, it is quite common to notice kids and teens sitting quietly during recess or underneath a tree, looking within and recharging. Journaling is also a great idea right after lunch before heading to your afternoon classes.


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Do you ever experience a dip in energy right when your school day ends and it’s time for you to gear up for your after-school activities? Packing a healthy snack in your locker or backpack will give you the burst of energy or kick of (natural!) sugar to pick you up and send you on your way. This can be as simple as remembering to grab an orange on your way out of the cafeteria at the end of lunch, or consider prepping something on a weekend afternoon to prepackage in your fridge or freezer to take each day throughout the week.

Individually frozen smoothies like our HHJ Signature Green Smoothie do really well in your locker during the day. Keep your smoothie bottle wrapped in a plastic bag in case it condensates as it melts throughout the day while you’re in class—you don’t want a puddle in your papers and books!

It goes without saying that our famous Cacao Bliss Bites are the most easily portable HHJ snack! These keep great in the fridge for 4-5 days. The natural sugar from the dates will pick you up, and you know the chocolate taste will be satisfying to your tummy and your heart. Make sure you bring extras for your friends, because there’s no way you’ll get them all to yourself.

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If you are quite hungry at the end of the school day, this is quite natural, especially since so many schools serve lunch very early! Ask a sibling or parent to help you roll up some Rainbow Rice Paper wraps on the weekend. They’ll keep well in the fridge for 2-3 days. Bring Avocado Lime dipping sauce ( blend 1 avo, 1 tbsp coconut oil, juice from 2 limes, sea salt, paprika) in a tiny Tupperware! You’ll be ditching potato chips in no time, as these wraps’ natural crunch comes from the crispy fresh veggies!


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Most importantly, remember that you never have to navigate feelings of busy-ness or uncertainty about your schedule and commitments by yourself. Ask a trusted friend for her advice when she feels like she has a lot on her plate. Tell your parents if you need a week off from a certain club or lesson. If you feel like you are drowning in homework and have a particularly busy week with other commitments taking place in the evening, talk to your teachers ahead of time to let them know what you’re going through and that you’re thinking ahead and planning accordingly. Your teachers are dynamic planners and are there to support you! They can support you in coming up with creative solutions for time management.

Photo by Emilie Bers

What strategy would you add to our list? How do you maintain your perspective when your schedule gets busy? Please share your wisdom in the comments below!

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  1. Norm LaValette says:

    Once you’ve identified a chunk of time during the evening when you think you are going to tackle your homework, make that even more efficient by establishing a schedule for the sequence in which you will work on your individual subjects. Maybe you get lengthier reading assignments in History and English, so you might want to address them first while you are still fresh during the evening. You might be a whiz in Math and World Languages so you might consider putting those problems and exercises to the end of your homework sequence-it’s probably easier to write at that time of the evening than to read and take notes. Science should be included anywhere in the sequence depending on the importance of what you have to get done for it. Don’t forget fifteen minutes to a half hour for some focused review for any subject that does not have work assigned for the next day. Try to stick to this order and this regimen every night; it eliminates the time having to think about “what’s next?” which usually causes you to procrastinate even more.

    • We especially appreciate your tip about general review of a subject of your choosing when no work is assigned. That way, when the big project or assessment comes, you’re already ready! Thanks for these time-saving tips, Vati!

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